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Sir Alex Ferguson

On 1941, German Army bombed Theatre of Dreams, Old Trafford in Manchester. During the World War II, so many clubs in Europe have to start new era for the future. Manchester United is one of the clubs. It was a bad history for big club like Manchester United. But, there was one man who has a spirit to make red devils on fire. The man with name Matt Busby came to Manchester United and brought the glory for Manchester United for 25 years. Matt Busby joined Manchester United in 1945 and 25 years later he gave so many trophies for Manchester United.
After became manager in Manchester United for 25 years, Matt Busby given name “sir” from the queen because he dedicated himself for football. In 1970`s, Manchester United left behind by Sir Matt Busby. But, it does not make a big club like Manchester United became lower. After Sir Matt Busby retired for football, he gave an advice for Manchester United management to appoint former player Wilf McGuinnes became the head coach. But, for next 20 years Manchester United was not success as Sir Matt Busby era.
November 1989, maybe it was the very important thing for Manchester United history. A Scottish joined Manchester United, Alexander Chapman Ferguson, formers Aberdeen manager. He had claim for all trophies in Scotland League. And his prove it for Manchester United at first year on Manchester United he brought a European Cup Winners Cup to Old Trafford. He was very talented manager. He has made a new player who became the best player in England Premiere League and even in world.

Name : Alexander Chapman Ferguson
Born : Glasgow, Scotland December, 31st 1941
Position : Striker
Carrier when player : Queens Park, St. Johnstone, Dunfermline Athletic, Rangers, Falkirk, Ayr United
Manager Carrier : East Strlingshire
St. Mirren
Manchester United

Today, Alexander Chapman Ferguson well known as Sir Alex Ferguson and still became manager in Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson era is the second era for Manchester United which brought so many trophies. English Premiere League, UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, Community Shield, Carling Cup, Sir Alex Ferguson has been feel that. His era was the second longest day for Manchester United after Sir Matt Busby.
His era started from 1989 to 2009 and until now. Sir Alex Ferguson became the legends in Manchester United. His coach method has become an inspiration for another manager in Barclay Premiere League. Like, Steve Bruce, Roy Keane, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and many more. Steve Bruce and Roy Keane are Sir Alex Ferguson child when they play for Manchester United.

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