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World Cup Legendary Captains Part I

1. Jose Nasazzi (Uruguay)
In 1930, Uruguay became the first country which held the first world cup. Uruguay became the first team which won the first world cup in 1930. Their captain, Jose Nasazzi was the first captain who brings a glory for his country.

Name : Jose Nasazzi Yarza
Nationality : Uruguayan
Position : Right Back
Date of Birth : 24th May, 1901
Place of Birth : Montevideo, Uruguay
Date of Death : 17th June, 1968 (Aged 67)
Place of Death : Montevideo, Uruguay
Caps/ Goals : 51 Caps/ 0 Goals
Clubs Carrier : -

2. Giampiero Combi (Italy)
Moved from South America, Italy became the second host of World Cup 1934. 4 years later, the trophy of World Cup by Jules Rimet moved hand from Jose Nasazzi to Giampiero Combi. Combi lead his friends to reach final and won the world cup. Combi also became the first keeper and also became the captain who could lift a Jules Rimet trophy in 1934.

Name : Gianpiero Combi
Nationality : Italian
Position : Goalkeeper
Date of Birth : 20th November, 1902
Place of Birth : Turin, Italy
Date of Death : 12th August, 1956 (Aged 53)
Place of Death : Turin, Italy
Caps/ Goals : 47 Caps/ 0 Goals
Clubs Carrier : Juventus

3. Giuseppe Meazza (Italy)
Well, this Italian captain must have remembered by all Italian. Today, his name became the one of the biggest and the most luxurious stadium in world. Yap, his name became the stadium of Inter Milan and A.C. Milan Club. Giuseppe Meazza brought the seconds Jules Rimet trophy to Italy again in 1938. And Italy won the world cup for the second time.

Name : Giuseppe “peppino” Meazza
Nationality : Italian
Position : Forward
Date of Birth : 23rd August, 1910
Place of Birth : Milan, Italy
Date of Death : 21st August, 1979 (aged 69)
Place of Death : Rapallo, Italy
Caps/ Goals : 53 Caps/ 33 Goals
Clubs Carrier : Inter Milan, A.C. Milan, Juventus, Varese, Atalanta

4. Obdulio Varela (Uruguay)
Its looks like a revenge. Obdulio Varela brought the World Cup trophy back to Uruguay again. He leaded his friends against Brasil in final World Cup in 1950. It was very difficult to win against Brasil in their Brasil Home.

Name : Obdulio Varela
Nationality : Uruguayan
Position : Center Half
Date of Birth : 20th September, 1917
Place of Birth : Paysandu, Uruguay
Date of Death : 2nd August, 1996 (Aged 78)
Place of Death : -
Caps/ Goals : 45 Caps/ 9 Goals
Clubs Carrier :Deportivo Juventud, Montevideo Wanderers, C.A. Penarol

5. Fritz Walter (Gernany)
After the World War II, Germany became the only one country which became the poorest country in world. They have to buy all cost of War affect for the world. But, one man called Fritz Walter change world side to see Germany. In 1954, Fritz Walter brought Germany national team to win the World Cup for the first time.

Name : Friedrich Walter
Nationality : German
Position : Forward
Date of Birth : 31st October, 1920
Place of Birth : Kaiserslautern, Germany
Date of Death : 17th June 2002 (Aged 82)
Place of Death : Enkenbach-Alsenborn, Germany
Caps/ Goals : 61 Caps/ 33 Goals
Clubs Carrier : FV Kaiserslautern, 1. FC Kaiserslautern

The history of Banana Kicks

Well, in world cup 1958 in Sweden there is one man whose 17 years old who became the legends for all football player. Born as Edson Arantes do Nascimento or familiar with a nickname called Pele, he brought Brasil to won the first world cup. And he also became the first young man who could lift the trophy.
But, it is not Pele who created the Banana Kicks. Banana Kicks came from Pele`s friends on Brasil National Team, they bring a glory for Brasil in Sweden.
Born with name Manuel Francisco dos Santos or people usually know him as Garrincha. Born with an usual legs bone structure. He was born with incline backbone and both of his legs not at all same length. With a strange bone structure does not make Garrincha afraid, he became the top dribbler at the world cup, And he also became the best XI world cup 1958 in Sweden.

Name : Manuel Francisco dos Santos " Garrincha "
Nationality : Brazilian
Position : Winger, Forward
Date of Birth : 28th October, 1933
Place of Birth : Paul Grande (RJ), Brazil
Date of Death : 19th January, 1983 (Aged 49)
Place of Death : Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Caps/ Goals : 50 Caps/ 12 Goals
Clubs Carrier : Botafogo, Corinthians, Portuguesa Carioca, Atletico Junior, Flamengo, Olaria

1958 is the first world cup for Garrincha, 4 years later in his second world cup he became the stars beside Pele that injured. In quarter final, he made some very unique kick. Against England at quarter final, he received passing ball from his teammates out of the box and he directly kick the ball and cause the ball have curve ball way. That is the first time people seen the bananas kick. And today, there is so many football players using this technical for free kick like David Beckham and Roberto Carlos.

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