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Step by step to transfer a player in football/ soccer

First Step

The transfer player started when a club or many clubs give an offered paper to a player who has a club. After the club`s player received the paper, the club has an authority to accept or to reject the offered. Both of the clubs including the player`s agent could be continue the offering. The agent who trusted by the player, try to make a new negotiation with the club, until the transfer deal happen.
Club which has a player also could be contact the player`s agent to make a potential transfer. Well, this situation could be happened, if the players do not needed by the club anymore. The agents also have an authority to contact the club to offering his player to play in the clubs. And you could see this on summer transferred, players usually have out of contract brand. But, not all players who do not needed by the club, did not have a quality skill. Usually the players feel that he want to face a new challenge or may be has a problems with the clubs.

Second Step
Well, if the offering was accepted by the club`s player. The player is not sure moved to the club which interesting to him. The player`s agent still have a work to do. He has to finish all about personal contract for the player with the interesting club.
The personal contract negotiation could take a long time to finish. Even, the club accepted the offering from interesting club the players could refused to move to another clubs. This happen because the personal contract did not that he expected. So, in this situation the player`s agent has a main authority. He acted as a bridge between the player and the interesting clubs.

Third Step
The player`s agent have made his player sign the personal contract and his player ready to moved. This is the new part for the agent. The agent get paid by someone side for the transfer deal. In some case, the agents get paid from the club which bought his client.

Fourth Step

Well, all the personal contract have been signed, and the player`s agent also get paid for his work. So, the transfer documents have to given to Football association in the country which became his club.
If all stuffs are ready, the player will be has a medical test. And he will introduced by the buyer club to the public as the club`s player.

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