Rabu, 11 November 2009

Player Contract

Usually, when the offering from some club was accepted by the club`s player, there are plenty paper that the agent and the club have work to do. The paper is talking about the player contract which very important paper for both clubs. Well, what is exactly that the agent and the club discuss about the contract?
1. Salary
Today, some players want to move from one club to bigger club is because of the salary. As we know, if some player called “from hero to zero” he made in little club and bigger club interesting to buy him, automatically the salary is different. In this case, the agent`s player talk about how much money that his client earn and about the progress in the future.
2. Signing on fee
Signing on fee is a payment for the players because his transfer cost. From the meaning of Signing on fee, the players earn some money from the club which sold him.
3. Loyalty bonus
This bonus given by club to the player because he play for the club. Usually, the player received the bonus at his last game at the end of his contract.
4. Appearances
This bonus given because the Player play very good for the club. And the player always became the starting lineup. If he could play much, he will earn money much.
5. Goals and Assist bonus
Well, this bonus usually received by midfield, striker and maybe defender. This bonus given to the players if them could make an assist and score much.
6. Clean sheets bonus
If a goal keeper could defend his keeper from the enemies for one match, he could earn some money because he fought to defend his keeper from scored. This bonus called clean sheets.
7. Another bonus
Well, if you playing in little club that the club`s purpose is still in the first league, and you bring the club in the safe position in the league, you could have bonus. This bonus depends on a deal between the club and the player, like if some player bring a trophies for the club, club give him some money because his hard work.
8. Image rights ownership
This is a bonus for the player whose have became an icon like David Beckham. He became a stars from his advertisement`s club. So, the club giving him some money from the sold.

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