Rabu, 11 November 2009

History of number 13 from Michael Ballack

The captain position in one team is one of the big position on the team. He became the leader for his friends to against the enemy. Became a captain in club or national team is no easy to do. He has to show his leadership on the field for the team success.
As a captain, the player not have to scored a goal or give a good assist to the another player. But his situation became the most important things.
Usually the captain team is a player who has a big experience, has a stable emotional and also stable in his performance. Well, that is Ballack to do in his national team, Germany at world cup 2006. Play in he own country and became the host and also playing in front of his people is hard work to do. And even he became the captain of Germany national team.

But, there is a weird thing from Ballack. He always use number 13 on his shirt`s club or national team. In Chelsea, Kaiserslautern, Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich and even in national team he always use number 13. As we know, number 13 in human life is brought bad luck for the user. Why Ballack always use the number 13?
Well, the number 13 in Ballack`s costume has a history for his life. Some people may be wondering why Ballack use number 13 and why he prefer number 13 than number 10?
The number 13 began in Ballack `s life when he joined Leverkusen. “it was Rudi Voeller number`s” in Leverkusen. Rudi Voeller ends up his carrier and became the Football Director while Ballack joined Leverkusen.
And then Voeller told to Ballack to use number 13 on Leverkusen`s costume to replace Rudi Voeller on Bayer Leverkusen field. Ballack said yes and until now he always use the number 13.
Well, what kind of number that the football players use, if the players have a stars characters or even football characters, he always became a big football players in world. Michael Ballack has prove that.

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