Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2009

Old Trafford, the Theatre of Dreams

In Manchester, there are 2 clubs currently play in England Barclay Premiere League. Manchester United and Manchester City. Both of the clubs are very strong club. Now, we talk about Manchester United Stadium. Manchester United stadium is the Old Trafford, the nick name of the stadium is Theatre of Dreams which given by their legends Sir Matt Busby.

This Stadium located in Stretford, Trafford, Manchester. This stadium was built in 1909, and this stadium is very big. The capacity of this stadium almost 90000 seater. Old Trafford is 100 years old. People of Manchester and Manchester United fans are celebrating a hundred years or one century of the stadium, they correctly proud for the stadium.

The stadium was designed by Scottish architect Archibald Leitch. Old Trafford become one the of the biggest stadium in world. Old Trafford also become the stadium which held some international event. Like Home matches for England, and even Old Trafford have held the FA Cup Final.

The record attendance for the fans are over 76000 people. That a huge stadium that ever made. The stadium has completely renovated over recent years by Taylor report and since 1989 the capacity of stadium steadily increase from 44000 to 76000. That cost a lot of money.

During World War II, Old Trafford was broken. The German Air Force Army bombed Old Trafford. But, today Old Trafford growing up into the modern stadium has been ever made.

In front of the stadium we could see the Sir Matt Busby stadium. It means that Sir Matt Busby is an important person in Manchester United History and even in Theatre of Dreams itself. Because when Sir Matt Busby took control the team, he have won so many trophies for Manchester United and he was the leader for Manchester United when Manchester United got a bad effect from World War II.

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