Kamis, 22 Oktober 2009

Edwin Van der Sar

During 1990`s to 2000, the one of the biggest clubs in Barclays Premiere League called Manchester United has a lot of very smart player, including the Goal Keeper. During one decade Manchester United has one single big player for Goalkeeper. Peter Smeichel, over 190 cm height, this player helped Manchester United to win their matches. The phenomenal action that he ever made was when Manchester United won The UEFA Champions League.
But today, the position of Peter Smeichel is replaced by Edwin Van Der Sar. This Dutch Goalkeeper has been play football for 20 years. With 190 cm height, Edwin Van der Sar is completely the best Goalkeeper with that body. This Goalkeeper also has feel Serie A Italy, Eredivisie, and the last Barclays Premiere League, England. It makes Edwin Van der Sar is the Goalkeeper with huge experience for Football.
Young Van der Sar started his football in Ajax Academy Football in Ajax Amsterdam club. In 1990-1991 he started his professional carrier as Goalkeeper for Ajax Amsterdam. He was 20 years old, a young boy in Ajax. He defend net goal Ajax for 9 years. And after that he tried to play football in Italy. Juventus transferring Van der Sar, and he only play in serie A Italy for 2 years. After that he moved to Barclays Premiere League to joined Fulham Athletic. For 4 years he played very good and it makes Sir Alex Ferguson interested to sign him. Like dreams come true, Edwin Van der Sar transferred by Manchester United in 2005. Until now, Edwin Van der Sar is the one of important player in Manchester United. He also helped Manchester United to win against Chelsea in UEFA Champions League 2008 and Manchester United won from Penalty.

Name : Edwin Van der Sar
Date of Birth : October, 29th 1970
Nationality : Holland/ Dutch
Favorite Club : Ajax Amsterdam and Manchester United
History : Ajax Amsterdam
Fulham Athletic
Manchester United

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