Kamis, 22 Oktober 2009

Italian Legend`s Paolo Rossi

In 1982, Italy won the FIFA World Cup. There is one single player who help Italy to win that. This player has position as Forward player for Italy. As forward player, football player have to became a very dangerous player and that`s duty he do very well and he can get the FIFA World Cup 1982.

Paolo Rossi, a live Legendary player from Italy. He was born In Santa Lucia, Prato Province in Toscana italy on september 23rd 53 years old. Young Rossi started his professional carrier as Football player play for small club called Como. After for a few years he play for Como, he started to face the new challenge. So, he played for Vicenza and Perugia. In this 2 clubs he started to show his talent for Football. After that Juventus FC, one of the biggest club in Italy and even in World make deal with Rossi club`s Vicenza. And for a few years he moved to Juventus

Name : Paolo Rossi
Date of Birth : September 23rd 1956
Place of Birth : Prato, Italy
Natioanlity : Italian
Caps/ Goals : 48 Caps/ 20 Goals
Carrier : Como, Vicenza, Perugia, Juventus, A.C. Milan, Hellas Verona

In Juventus, he had the new experience for Football. He learn of Football from Juventus. After Played for Juventus and he showed a very nice played. Italy Manager, Enzo Bearzot interested to brought him for National team 1982 and Italy won that. Today, he is the one of live legendary player in world.

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