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The new Eric Cantona, Alan Smith

Full of talented, rich and famous, described of Alan Smith. His performance on field is so interesting. With high skill and hard characteristics make Alan Smith became the new Eric Cantona. His behavior in field is different between any other players in football history. He seems like Eric Cantona, has an ugly habits when playing football.

After 10 years play for football, his habit slowly change, when he was a young player, fans give a nickname called the smudger. But, today he became the new Eric Cantona.
For 7 years in Leeds United, and a few years in Manchester United make Alan Smith think like man. He knows when he played or Leeds United he has hard characteristics and is not give a benefit for the club or for himself. When in Leeds he often got the yellow cards and even the red cards. But, when he moves to Manchester United, he hardly got the yellow card on field. In 2004/2005 season he only gets one yellow card. And he habits totally change when he play for Manchester United and then moved to Newcastle United.
Born as England people, he represented a gift for his country when he played his debut on May, 25th 2001. Alan Smith was born in Rothwell 29 years ago. Whit 176 cm tall, Alan smith play as striker and with that height he became a dangerous striker.
Sir Bobby Charlton, formers Manchester United prove that Alan smith has talented. Alan Smith proved that he could play in 2 different kinds of position. Sir Alex Ferguson, one time place Alan Smith as a defensive midfielder.

Full Name : Alan Smith
Nationality : Enlglish
Nickname : Smudger and The New Cantona
Born : Rothwell, October, 28th 1980
Height/ weight : 176 cm/ 69 kg
Position : Striker, defensive midfield
Clubs : Leeds United, Manchester United, Newcastle United

The type of his play is inspirited by a famous player. Like any other striker Alan Smith also has an idol, like Roberto Baggio, Alex Del Piero, Alan Shearer and Mark Hughes. He has 4 idols whose became his inspiration to play football. When he growing up he feel that he played like Alan Shearer. Before Shearer he admire an Italian football player Baggio and Del Piero.

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